NiGSA Energy provides comprehensive systems for asset management for onshore and offshore plant and structures, including Condition Assessments and Residual Life Evaluations.

Our services can be provided for the full-life of a plant or field duration. In addition, we can also carry out asset assessments on specific equipment while the plant is in-service or organize full-fledge shutdown inspection teams for turnaround inspections of refineries, petrochemical or power plants.

Our plant asset management services use conventional inspection as well as specialized non-invasive testing and monitoring techniques so that plant operations and production are not disrupted.

Onshore Plant Asset Management Services

Our services include:
• Plant Inspection, including in-service inspection of tanks, piping, pipelines, pressure vessels, heat exchangers and coolers, furnaces, pumps, cranes and telecommunication towers
• Structural Integrity Assessments on foundations, skids, columns and other structural elements.
• Cathodic Protection Surveys on buried pipelines, bridges, river crossings, etc

Offshore Plant Asset Management Services

Our services include:
• Splash-zone Inspection of jacket legs, risers, conductors, etc
• Topside Inspection of piping, manifolds, tanks, coolers, vessels, pumps, cranes, telecommunication towers, flare booms, etc
• Cathodic protection surveys on jacket legs, risers and well head conductors and monitoring of impressed current and sacrificial anodes.
• Risk Based Inspection (RBI) (using recommended classified rules, standard and specifications)
• DROPS and Derrick inspections
• QC services
• Electro services
• Safety on boilers and pressure vessels - NR13
• Corrosion Monitoring and Consultancy Services
• Bolt torque & Stud tension
• Tank & vessel water jet (blasting)
• Video inspections
• Imaging of furnace tubes in operations and inspections
• Fitness for Service (FFS) (using DNV classification rules, standards and specifications)
• Platform Surveys

3D Scanning and As Built modelling

3D Scanning and as Built modeling represents an extremely efficient means of capturing plant data as it is very accurate, cost and

time-effective and can be performed with minimal disruption to plant or construction activities. The captured data can then be used to

produce exact 3D models of the intended target with a host of applications.

Whether you require a model for existing condition data capture, 3-D modelling, or data management services, our experienced team can

advise on the right requirements and level of detail for your project.

  • Inspection Services

  • Engineering & consultancy

  • Metallurgical services

  • Corrosion monitoring & cathodic protection survey

  • Manpower supply (expatriate & nationals)

  • Rope access

  • Lifting equipment testing and certification

  • Safe lifting operations

  • Asset integrity management