Testing Introduction

NiGSA Energy coordinates onsite and off-site testing of equipment and structures for clients in any location, using water bags, dead weights and hydraulic testing machines specifically designed to produce the required proof loads for inspection and testing.

Benefits of testing with water bags

➢ Cost effective: water bags are an innovative solution to load testing across various industries, ensuring a streamlined testing process and thus saving in transport, storage and labour costs
➢ Versatility: the bags can be used in combination to achieve almost any load on different types of lifting equipment and specialised applications where conventional means do not allow for standard equipment and machine capability evaluation. The result is increased work efficiency and a faster turnaround time.

Rigging Introduction

NiGSA Energy coordinates a range of rigging services for their global and local clients in the Marine and Offshore industries.

The service range includes:
➢ Computer Aided Design (CAD) rigging studies
➢ Comprehensive evaluation and risk assessment of rigging stores
➢ Establishment of rigging containers
➢ Compiling safety registers as required by the South African Health & Safety Regulations Act 85 of 1993
➢ Planning, supervising and executing heavy lifts
➢ Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) work
➢ Lifting tackle inspections of equipment

On request Anchor Testing & Rigging Services supplies:
➢ Lifting tackle
➢ Design and manufacture of man cages/baskets
➢ Ancillary equipment such as spreaders and lifting beams

  • Inspection Services

  • Engineering & consultancy

  • Metallurgical services

  • Corrosion monitoring & cathodic protection survey

  • Manpower supply (expatriate & nationals)

  • Rope access

  • Lifting equipment testing and certification

  • Safe lifting operations

  • Asset integrity management