ceramic balls / alumina balls


product description

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Catalyst bed support media (ceramic and Hi Alumina balls) also known as inert balls are very important component in the catalytic process in the refinery, gas processing and petrochemical industry. They are commonly used to support catalyst and absorbents products in the vessel or reactor. Its main functionis to act as packing material and at the same time to support the catalyst bed in order to prevent breakthrough or loss of catalyst or adsorbent materials downstream of the reactor vessels due to the high pressure and temperature inside the reactor vessels during the operation.

Ceramic balls have an excellent application in high-performance precision bearings and bearing tracks. The balls’ hardness reduces the coefficient of friction present in the subassembly, thereby maximizing the amount of energy that is converted to work.

Ceramic balls have an extremely long usable life, and are ideal for components that cannot be maintained easily.

These balls, once installed in any machine or subassembly, show a resistance to wear unlike any other material. The material in ceramic balls shows remarkably little deformation when used in machines that exert extreme pressure on their components. Ceramic balls are also non reactive to human and animal internal systems, giving them a unique biological application. These balls have also been applied to internal medicine to treat several human and animal dysfunctions.